The Unreasonable Men

Guitar, vocals
May be consumed by sudden outbursts. Every idle moment can be undone by picking up a guitar. Loves to stack layers of sound upon sound.
Instrument names: Blondie, Mr. Mustard, The Black One

Bass guitar, backing vocals sometimes
Has been around the world, sometimes in one night. Believes in the spirit world, especially the single-batch type. Has bigger speakers then Ed. Cracks jokes about cracks. Limits stacks to one at a time. Rides a custom bagger.
Instrument names: Mango, Bantam
Born with drumsticks in-hand, loves to beat the skins. A skilled marching band leader. Plays a mean cowbell. Tunes and repairs drums for fun and profit. Whiter than an aborigini ghost. Proprietor of Precision Percussion, providing technical support for local and touring bands in Florida.
Instrument name: Karen

No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

14 Nov 2015 Deland, FL ( US )
02 Oct 2015 Orlando, FL ( US ) Orlando Brewing Orlando Brewing
19 Sep 2015 St. Augustine, Florida ( USA ) Planet Sarbez! Planet Sarbez!
15 Aug 2015 St. Augustine, Florida ( US ) Planet Sarbez! Planet Sarbez!
31 Jul 2015 Winter Park, FL ( US ) Haven Haven
11 Jul 2015 Sanford, FL ( US ) West End Trading Co West End Trading Co
13 Jun 2015 Sanford, FL ( US ) West End Trading Co West End Trading Co

Planet Sarbez! recap

The Unreasonable Men played a mega set at Planet Sarbez last night in St. Augustine, Florida. Some new material and some extended jams were executed, some mutilated.

All six people in attendance, including the staff, not including the band, enjoyed it. We will be back in January for the Planet Sarbez 2-year anniversary. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the pictures J. Cohen.

IMG_7481 IMG_7486 IMG_7482 IMG_7475 IMG_7512 IMG_7497 IMG_7491

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